Cloud Networks

Our Cloud Networks are secure, instant, self configuring, self-healing private networks between cloud, physical networks, users and devices. They are easily cloud-managed from the Big Network portal. Create one Cloud Network or as many as needed to connect everything (users, devices, IoT, services) into your own global private local area network.

Building your first Cloud Network is easier and quicker than you think. Deploy a Layer 2 Network, anywhere you need using our secure overlay technology.

  1. Create
    Sign up using our portal and set up your first network.
  2. Invite
    Invite other users to connect to your network and add physical ports if you want dedicated hardware.
  3. Download & Connect
    Grab your Big Network Client (we support all major operating systems and phones) and connect to your Cloud Network.

Explore Specifications & Use Cases

We're revolutionizing Networks. A Cloud Network is overlayed on top of any other network and provides a secure and reliable transit layer to control and manage devices as if you are on the LAN.

Secure (AES-256 Encryption as Standard)

Reliable (Peer-to-Peer and will balance between all available connectivity)

Optimized (optimizes routing based on Internet conditions)

High Configurable (build your own access controls, subnets and policies)

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