Edge Lite

Edge Lite – a lightweight and flexible Cloud Network gateway that supports local network segregation or multi-path high availability WAN.

  • 2x 2.5Gbps Ethernet Ports (configurable)
  • 1x 1Gbps Ethernet Port
  • Cloud managed hardware
  • Easy to setup
  • AES-256 bit security
  • Securely access and extend your network anywhere
  • Integration with Big Network Apps
  • Integration with Cloud Services
  • SDWAN Capabilities
  • Fastpath Networking
  • Layer 2 Tunneling

Explore Specifications & Use Cases

Edge Lite allows you to quickly and cost-effectively add a physical ethernet ports to your Cloud Network anywhere you have Internet connectivity.

Our 2023 revision of Edge Lite introduces a third ethernet port allowing further flexibility and even more options for redundancy and performance. Additionally, the Edge Lite now introduces 2.5Gbps ports to support the fastest connections and throughput.

In a LAN-LAN-WAN configuration, physically separate your private and guest networks for enhanced security or run dedicated networks for devices such as video surveillance.

In a LAN-WAN-WAN configuration, operate 2 internet connections with multi-path routing. Traffic is optimally routed across the best connection and in the event of a failure, traffic will failover in under 250m/s.

Like all Big Network products, it requires no port forwarding, firewall rule modification or other network configuration changes to work – just plug in and go. Add a second LAN side connection to connect more networks, isolate cloud networks physically and maintain physical segregation.

Ideal for remote workforce solutions, IoT devices such as cameras and ATM's, to protect Building Management Systems or even provide Out-of-Band networks, the Edge Lite – 3 Port Edition, is flexible, portable, and provides extensive utility.

The Edge Lite, supports up to 750Mbps of Routing and Gateway throughput and 120-150Mbps of Cloud Network throughput.

Edge combines SD-WAN, SD-LAN, mesh overlay, VPP, DPDK, VPN, a router, and more. Edge Lite – 3 Port Edition can extend a network to anywhere, enable failover to backup providers and bring the power of the cloud to physical ports of your choice. Edge can connect multiple locations and decentralized teams together into a single lan.


  • Fanless and Silent
  • 6063 Aluminum Heatsink Enclosure
  • Thermal Conductivity Rating of 201-218 W/(mK)

Status Indicators

  • Power Status
  • LAN / WAN Indicator Lights

Network Interfaces

  • 2x 2.5Gbps Ports
  • 1x 1Gbps Port


  • Rockchip RK3568B2 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A55 CPU


  • 4GB DRAM

Physical Dimensions

  • 94.5mm x 68mm x 30mm


  • USB-C, support PD, 5V/9V/12V input

Edge Lite for IoT

Edge Lite is perfect for Remote Access for Teams (who want a physical Ethernet port), providing networks to surveillance cameras, accessing control systems, and building management systems, as well as a slew of Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Remote Access and VPN for Teams

Use the Big Edge at a customer premise as a point of termination for multiple Internet connections (including LTE backup), while simultaneously providing a virtual point of termination for the remote workforce using Big Apps to access VPNs into the enterprise.

On-Premise Gateway to the Cloud

Deploy the Edge as an on-premise physical gateway to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), including Amazon VPC, Google Cloud VPC, or Azure Virtual Networks.

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