Big edge

The Big Edge Platform is a swiss army knife for networks. When you combine a powerful network appliance, software defined networking and the power of the cloud you can do amazing things. We are excited to see what use cases and solutions you can build with our products.
Product Illustration


Cloud managed hardware with powerful specs: 3x SFP+, 6x 1Gbps Eth, 3x USB3, LTE, built in network and AES Crypto acceleration, Nvme storage and up to 16Gb of ram with optimized dataplane and routing. Edge combines sdwan, sdlan, mesh overlay, vpp, dpdk, vpn, a router, a firewall, a cloud edge, kubernetes, lte and more. Edge improves internet reliability. It can extend a network to anywhere and bring the power of the cloud to color defined physical ports of your choice. Edge can connect multiple locations and decentralized teams together into a single lan. It can locally host kubernetes containers. Edge also connects to our Big Ecosystem of connectivity, security and cloud options. Give your business a Big Edge.



Coming Soon - Simple to deploy virtual cloud instances, preconfigured and optimized for various cloud compute platforms. Edge Instances can connect directly to virtual switches in any cloud and securely extend your cloud resources anywhere.

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