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What is a Cloud Network?

A Cloud Network is a virtual overlay network that is deployed on top of any internet connection. Cloud Networks allow you to extend a Local Area Network anywhere, logically segment networks for access control, and perform remote operations as if you were onsite.

Layer 2 Access Anywhere

Bring your network anywhere and access it like you are physically onsite.

No Networking Tricks

Plug in the hardware or fire up the software behind any firewall or NAT configuration. No firewall rules, port forwards, or network changes needed.

Highly Redundant

Use multiple providers and let your Cloud Network optimize the path your traffic takes and avoid outages.


Create one Cloud Network or as many as needed to connect everything (users, devices, IoT, services) into your own global private local area network.

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Why would you need a Cloud Network?

If you've ever wished you could physically plug in to a network you need access to without all the complexity of deploying infrastructure and tunnels in both locations, a Cloud Network is exactly what you need.

Cloud Networks are a highly versatile, highly resilient peer-to-peer networking technology. Cloud Networks provide Layer 2 or Layer 3 connectivity between any number of locations. This allows you to do things as if you were physically connected to the network, even if you're thousands of miles away.

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