Edge Virtual

A virtualized edition of the Big Network Edge Pro hardware platform designed to provide Cloud Network connectivity in virtualized environments and optimized for the Data Center and Cloud.

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What is Edge Virtual?

Edge Virtual packages Big Network’s proprietary network operating system, NodeOS, for use on top of VMware ESXi and Linux KVM hypervisors, allowing for a more flexible deployment model where traditional hardware isn’t desirable. Edge Virtual supports Big Network’s full feature set: Cloud Networks, Local Breakout, DHCP, Internet Failover, SD-WAN, Remote Access VPN, Cloud Orchestrated and Software Updates. Edge Virtual exposes a two-port network appliance as a virtual machine and supports VLAN tags, providing solutions for a wide array of use cases.

Edge Virtual supports Routing and Gateway throughput and Cloud Network throughput that is limited only by the underlying hardware, offering you unparalleled flexibility.

With Edge Virtual and Big Network’s other components, network managers can now flatten their network topology to deploy a Cloud Network across any number of locations, enabling more efficient communication between devices and significantly removing complexity and management.

Scaleable Connectivity for your Core Networks

Edge Virtual allows any Cloud Network to be extended into environments inside virtualized cloud, bare metal, and on-premise environments.

Edge Virtual allows you to scale connectivity within your infrastructure to an unlimited number of Cloud Networks.

Common Deployment Scenarios

It's easy to deploy Edge Virtual to common environments. Check out our how-to guides to start or reach out to our team for other environments.

How to get started with Edge Virtual on KVM
How to get started with Edge Virtual on VMWare ESXi

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