Introducing the IRG-655-1
Internet Reliability Gateway

Deliver unprecedented uptime and performance for critical business customers by combining alternative access technologies through one powerful device. Keep your customers online and on network to deliver higher SLA's, revenue and customer satisfaction.

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Robust Connectivity for ISP Business Customers

Business customers drive at least 8x the revenue of residential customers and make up a disproportionate amount of Service Providers Revenue. Many business customers also need high availability services and bring second or third providers to the table creating complex business and network relationships and devaluing their primary provider.

With Big Network in your core and an IRG-655-1 at the customer premise, you can leverage our tunneling engine, called Cloud Networking, to create instant secure networks between the premise, data center, cloud and your POPs over dedicated, broadband or mobile internet access.

Converge third-party access such as low earth orbit satellite, cable and LTE to create the right combination of cost and access while keeping all traffic on your network.

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Networking Horsepower

The IRG-655-1 features an abundance of networking firepower and flexibility allowing for range of high-availability solutions to be created. With an Intel CPU, 8GB RAM and 32Gb of eMMC, this device supports throughput of up to 10Gbps.

Featuring 2x 10G SFP+, 2x 1G Combo SFP/RJ-45 and 4x 2.5G RJ-45 ports, the Internet Reliability Gateway is engineering for the most demanding customer networks and support an unlimited number of cloud networks.

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Mobile Connectivity

With 2x Category 7 vSIM-enabled LTE Modems, the IRG-655-1 can carry up to 2 data plans from a wide range of digitally provisioned carriers. No more SIM card swap-outs, this unique technology allows SIM cards to be swapped out in around 30 seconds allowing you to select the best networks for price and performance.  

The LTE connectivity can be used in a variety of ways:

Out-Of-Band Connectivity: Provision a management cloud network over LTE for rapid remote troubleshooting and diagnostics.
Failover Internet Connectivity: In the event of primary access failing, failover to LTE in just a few seconds.
Active Internet Load Balancing: Include LTE connectivity from 1 or 2 providers in active routing. Traffic will be optimized for the best path and in the event of a primary connectivity failover, traffic will seamlessly switch to alternative routes.

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