Data Centers and Cloud Networks

Big Network provides the ultimate virtual cross connect platform between
data centers, customer premise, hyperscale clouds, and the edge.

Big Network's cloud orchestrated connectivity solutions enable seamless Layer 2 connectivity from Cloud to Premise, Cloud to Cloud, Cloud to HQ, Bare Metal to Premise, using any available internet connection.

Solving Complex Challenges

Big Network provides a common networking layer among the traditional data center, the modern cloud network, and the on-site network. Imagine being able to seamlessly connect from the cloud to the datacenter to HQ to the branch and the remote worker on a common platform with a single set of operational concepts, systems, and tools.

Cloud Networks provide the ability to connect disparate locations together, without creating network "hubs" that introduce latency and constrain throughput degrading the user experience. Big Network's unique peer to peer multi-point tunneling technology automatically navigates NATs and CGNATs, and eliminates the need for static WAN IP addresses. This means you can use Cloud Networks to extend your data center networking fabric anywhere in the world, simply and securely.

Example Applications

  • Virtual Cross Connects: Use Cloud Networks as Virtual Cross Connects from the datacenter, customer premise, colocation site, or hyperscale cloud to seamlessly carry services across traditional IP transit via fully meshed peer to peer tunnels.
  • Cloud to Bare Metal Networking: Use Big Network to expect Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) based networks to bare metal cloud providers, such as Equinix Metal, PhoenixNAP, and Hivelocity. Treat your cloud networks as common Layer 2 networks for simplicity and robust deployments.
  • Datacenter Interconnect: Provide Layer 2 datacenter interconnect services without the hassle of dark fiber, DWDM, MPLS, VPLS, or Ethernet Private Line (EPL). Simply use the Edge Pro with available internet access to logically extend Ethernet networks wherever you want.
  • Cloud to Cloud Networking: Use Big Network to create virtual overlay networks across cloud providers including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Ditch the complexity and cost of IPSEC based solutions that require BGP routing overhead.
  • Out of Band Networking: Deliver robust, SD-WAN enabled out of band networking to the datacenter environment so that you can remotely monitor and manage your infrastructure anywhere in the world. Automatically use multiple ISPs, including 4G/LTE/5G as uplinks for rapid and simplified deployment. Secure IPMI, DRAC, and iLO networks from ever touching the Internet.
  • Remote Cloud Access: Enable engineering and development teams with a unified remote access solution to cloud resources, regardless of the Cloud provider. Provide remote access that implements role based access control (RBAC) and microsegmentation for improved network security. Harmonize existing VPN servers behind a single, cloud orchestrated client stack for simplificity of administration.
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