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Business customers are often the most demanding consumers of Internet services. Today, everything from point-of-sale through to video conferencing mean that networks must be available to transact.

Many businesses have been forced to solve their high-availability needs themselves by purchasing third-party connections or expensive circuits diluting the relationship they have with their ISP and eroding trust when issues occur.

Big Network provides extreme value for Service Providers that want to provide business class connectivity using commodity connections.

High Availability + Increased SLAs = Increased Revenue + Lower Costs

Instead of asking your business customers to solve their own high availability needs, take control of the relationship and solve it for them.

Using Big Network, deploy secondary connectivity through other providers (including LTE, satellite, cable, fiber and more) but service the customer from your network.

Big Network ensures your customer stays connected and additionally provides an out-of-band path back to their network for remote diagnostics without a truck-roll.

Enhanced Connectivity, Simplified Management

Managing a customer network shouldn't require a degree in network engineering. We believe in making things simple. Our technology allows you to enhance ISP connectivity at your customer's location. We've taken care of the complexities so you can focus on what matters most: keeping your business customers online.

Secure Remote Access, Zero Trust Principles

Big Network eliminates the need for workarounds like Dynamic DNS and Port Forwarding. Our technology adheres to today's zero trust principles, ensuring that your network's security is never compromised but authenticated access is simple and easy.

Running high-availability or failover with Big Network ensures you always have out-of-band access to your customer premise equipment for troubleshooting and maintenance without a truck-roll.

Seamless Integration, High Availability

In the world of business class internet, high availability is key. Our solution enables multi-path routing over multiple connections with 250ms link failover, ensuring your customer network remains operational at all times. But we didn't stop there. We understand that as technology evolves, so should our solutions. Whether you're looking to integrate LTE, 5G, or Satellite internet access services as backup paths, our technology makes it easy to add these services to your existing network. Improving your network's reliability has never been easier.

A Revolution in Cost Savings

The cost of maintaining high-availability networks has been prohibitively high. Today, with Big Network, you can build these networks inexpensively, save money on truck-rolls and increase service stickiness by ensuring your service provider is delivering above expectations, even when you are experiencing disruption.

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