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September 11, 2023

Edge Lite Revision Launched with Additional Port

Big Network Launches an Updated Edge Lite to Further Improve your Network’s Connectivity

This new hardware increases performance and introduces an additional ethernet port that can be used on the LAN or WAN side for a variety of applications.

NASHUA, NH – Big Network introduced the revised Edge Lite this week to offer new hardware equipped with 3 Ethernet Ports. The cloud-managed Edge Lite extends the applications of the device to deliver unbreakable internet in a dual WAN configuration or physically separate local traffic in a dual LAN configuration. 

Integrated into the Big Network ecosystem, the Edge Lite makes delivering a physical network connection anywhere simple, easy and quick. With out-the-box SD-WAN capabilities including Fastpath Networking, Edge Lite delivers a Layer-2 end-to-end encrypted network wherever you need it. 

Customers that have been trialing this next-generation hardware and Cloud Network have explored a range of solutions such as providing networks for surveillance cameras, accessing building control systems remotely, running low-latency video production remotely, a wide range of IoT applications and unbreakable internet.

In the dual WAN configuration, two internet providers can be connected to the Edge Lite which will failover from the primary to secondary in the event of an issue. More advanced customers can implement internet breakout solutions and multipath their connections to provide unbreakable internet by utilizing both providers at the same time.

For more information, visit or contact Jeff Maier to start building your solution.


About Big Network |  Big Network is a network infrastructure leader that creates private and secure Cloud Networks to enable businesses to securely and simply connect their public and private clouds to on-premise infrastructure, devices, and people across the globe.

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