IRG Launch Bundle

Our IRG launch bundle for ISPs contains everything you need to build out two customer premise solutions.

1 x Edge Pro for your core.
2 x Internet Reliability Gateways.
6 months of licensing.

IRT Bundle image

Hardware: $3,997. Licensing: $594. Total: $4591 ...
Launch Bundle: $3,499

What do I do with this bundle?

This ISP bundle enables you to deliver Unbreakable Internet Services for 2 customers. The recommended MSRP for this service is:

$1,499 for the IRG-655-1 hardware.
$50/month for the IRG software license.
$ for VSIM data plans and or other access technologies at your discretion. Contact Big Network for VSIM data plan pricing.


Using Cloud Networks provides you and your customers with many advantages:

1. you are the point of contact for all their Internet needs.
2. in the event of your network failing, you won't need to immediately respond to high value customers, they will be still be online.
3. traffic is routed through your core regardless of access technology so you can deliver static/public IPs from your network no matter the access provider they use.
4. in the event of issues with the customer site, you will have access to a dedicated out-of-band network to remotely troubleshoot.
5. you can offer higher SLAs and compete with dedicated carriers and MPLS using commodity connections with better reliability.
6. you can charge higher rates for your services.

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