Managed Services Providers (MSPs)

Enable the modern hybrid workplace and a new class of revenue opportunities with an “easy button” for networking.
Product Illustration
Product Illustration


The pandemic created the biggest shift in how people work in modern history, enter the era of the Hybrid Workplace.

A recent Accenture study shows that nearly 83% of businesses will continue operating with a hybrid workforce.

Our team at started building a connectivity platform that is focused on hybrid work and work from anywhere teams about 9 months prior to the pandemic. Our platform has a secure, super-fast, auto-meshing vpn that just works and it is tied together with optimised sd-wan, edge services and a connectivity ecosystem.

Big Network makes it much easier to manage and enable hybrid, decentralized teams and networks. We would like to extend 5 free licenses and demo credits for your feedback.

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Clients expect MSPs to increase security, optimize costs, and decrease downtime, all at once. MSPs want to deliver new services to client sites, such as Cloud Connectivity, Voice, and Collaboration. Site visits and truck rolls are time-consuming and unsustainable. Networks are only valuable if they’re secure and easy to manage, which is becoming increasingly difficult.

Unstable internet
Poor Visibility
Inconsistent User Experience
Truck Rolls
Remote Support
New Security Threats
Remote Access
Employees are decentralized
Unreliable Services
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Big Network creates new revenue opportunities for MSPs, by allowing them to deliver new services, such as security, networking for the modern hybrid workplace, and IoT over a secure and instant “virtual last mile”. This allows MSPs to deliver cloud-first and security-first solutions to their customers.

Voice and UCaas
Fault Tolerant Internet
Secure DNS Services
Cloud Internet
Cloud Services
Hybrid Work
Cloud Onramp
Hybrid Cloud
Remote Desktop
Backup Services
IDS/IPS Services
Product Illustration


We know the pain points of MSPs because we have been in your shoes, our founder ran and operated an MSP.

We started Big Network, a cloud managed connectivity platform and we are building tailor-made solutions for MSPs. We help MSPs of all sizes deploy composable and elastic networks to extend capabilities and services, and solve customer problems. Increase margins and ROI by enabling the modern hybrid workplace with Big Network.

Want to deploy network functionality in minutes, not months? Schedule a demo today!