Media Control Cloud

Decentralizing the Video Production Studio

In a world that has become more decentralized, the recording and production of content requires a surprising amount of people to be in specific physical locations. The reason for that is often the network. Access issues, latency, cost and a variety of other factors significantly impede production companies from taking advantage of remote access – this is where Media Control Cloud from Big Network helps you build a competitive advantage.

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Media Control Cloud

Media Control Cloud allows you to extend your networks at Level 2 wherever you need them using hardware or software. This allows you to access devices from remote locations as if you a physically there. Our technology operates over any existing networks, optimizes paths and automatically fails over between connections in under 250ms.

Decentralize the video production studio with Big Network's Media Control Cloud and expedite video production processes. Remotely accessing your production tools, cameras and other assets has never been easier, quicker, or more convenient.

Big Network works with production companies to deploy Cloud Networks. A Cloud Network is a peer-to-peer, highly resilient and low latency Layer 2 network that is deployed on top of any existing internet connection.

A Cloud Network provides you with LAN access no matter where you are so that you can gain access to your production network to control, configure and diagnose issues. Our technology enables you to monitor and debug AES67, DANTE, NDI, control cameras, program ARTNET and carry producer COMMs without specialized access – this includes NO changes to firewalls, port forwards or even static IPs.

For producers and editors, our technology allows you to remotely edit content and access footage from network devices in far away places with low-latency, meaning content is produced quickly and efficiently even when you're not in the studio.

Our failover technology is carrier agnostic, failover is virtual unnoticable and doesn't require complex IP management with different vendors.

Access technologies such as 5G, LTE and Satellite can be used as failover or when in the field and connections can be added for increased capacity.

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