Redefining Networking for Branch Offices: An SD-WAN Evolution

Embracing the Networking Evolution

Today's business environments call for unprecedented flexibility in resource access from homes, roads, branch offices, and headquarters. Plus, the resources we tap into aren't confined to an enterprise data center. They span on-premise setups, remote locations, cloud-based environments, and even hybrid deployments.

Given the demands of complex applications, network architects have traditionally relied on private networking technologies such as Frame Relay, ATM, MPLS, and Ethernet services. While these stitch together networks from headquarters to branch offices and between branches, the management, deployment, and upgrade complexities are tremendous. Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) are a contemporary alternative that unify any means of transport into a common private network, spanning HQ, branches, and the Cloud.

Big Network reimagines how networks are built giving you more flexibility, choice and reliability. Why not try it out?

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Navigating the Complexity of Private Networking

Private networking is challenging, intricate, and costly. It's a medley of legacy technologies, each backed by hardware and software vendors with their own goals. From appliance manufacturers selling devices and telecom providers peddling circuits, to systems integrators offering solutions, these point solutions are far from holistic!


  • Hardware Boxes: These devices designed for corporate data centers seem out of place in today's cloud-centric world.
  • Telecommunications Provider Circuits: These solutions are expensive, complex, and rigid.
  • Lack of VPN Integration: Traditional SD-WAN solutions isolate remote workers on a different, segmented platform, leading to extra support overhead, improper traffic routing, and additional security concerns.
  • Uncharted Pathway to Hybrid Cloud: Solutions designed for on-premise deployments fail to align with today's Cloud Native Networking models.

Big Network’s SD-WAN

Big Network offers an alternative to SD-WAN that massively simplifies the process of building private networks across remote users, HQ, branch offices, devices, and the Cloud. With no special circuits, lengthy delays, or siloed elements to worry about, our solution is cloud-native and cloud-enabled from the get-go.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Centralized configuration and orchestration of Cloud Networks, Big Edges, and Big Apps.
  • Secure and private L2/L3 networks across HQ, datacenter, cloud, and/or branch locations.
  • Utilize your choice of ISP to create WAN redundancy with LTE/5G.
  • Support for VLAN and VXLAN.
  • Seamless VPN support integration with Big Apps.

Deployment Overview:

Setting up your resilient network is as easy as:

  1. Configuring a Cloud Network in the Big Network Portal.
  2. Deploying the Big Edge to your HQ or Corporate Datacenter.
  3. Enrolling the Big Edge to your Cloud Network using a device PIN.
  4. Deploying a second Big Edge to your Branch Office or Remote Location.
  5. Repeating Big Edge deployment to as many physical locations as needed.
  6. Connecting Remote and Mobile users to your Cloud Networks using Big Apps.

Simplify, Secure, and Succeed with SD-WAN

Big Network’s SD-WAN offers businesses an easy, cost-effective, and manageable method to deploy robust networks across HQ, datacenters, and branch offices. Leverage SD-WAN to utilize multiple ISPs, secure connections to remote locations, remote users, and the cloud. Enjoy straightforward management and security through our web-based portal for administration, configuration, and monitoring.

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