Secure Networking for Distributed Teams:
Your Key to Collaborative Success

Adapting to the New Work Landscape

As we navigate through the ever-evolving dynamics of the contemporary work environment, we're seeing an increased shift towards remote and distributed teams. In a conventional office setting, team collaboration thrives on the use of shared resources such as conference rooms, whiteboards, and critically, Local Area Networks (LANs).

LANs are technological marvels that place every device on a shared IP subnet, facilitating easy and simple inter-device communication. However, as teams work remotely or on the go, this seamless communication can become a challenge.

Enter Big Network’s Secure Networking for Teams, your solution for bridging this digital divide.

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The Hurdle: Navigating Remote Collaboration

Consider example of Bob and Alice, two website developers who have long enjoyed the benefits of working within the same LAN at their office. They could effortlessly collaborate and review each other’s work just by using each other's IP addresses.

Alice could conveniently view Bob's Django, React, or HTML applications hosted on his laptop with just his IP address.

Now, imagine Bob is working remotely. The internet now separates Alice and Bob, and along come hurdles like firewalls, Network Address Translation (NATs), and proxy servers.

It's no longer as simple as inserting a LAN IP address into a browser. Bob may need to modify his firewall rules, port forward through a NAT, or configure a reverse proxy server – each action opening up potential security vulnerabilities. Password protection could be a solution, but it's far from bulletproof and doesn't safeguard against other security issues.

Our Solution: Bringing Back the LAN Virtually

Big Network’s Secure Networking for Teams is here to recreate the LAN environment for your dispersed teams. Our unique networking technology enables teams to connect as if they're on the same LAN, despite being physically distant. Using our previous example, here's how to configure this solution:

1. Bob sets up a Cloud Network, reserving a range of Private RFC1918 IP Space for his network.

2. He invites Alice to join his Cloud Network using her email address.

3. Both Bob and Alice install Big Network Apps on their devices. We offer support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms.

4. Bob and Alice join the Cloud Network, and presto! They're now directly connected within a fully meshed network with access to each other's laptops just as if they were in the office.

Extending Your Network: The Power of Flexibility

Bob and Alice can further expand their network to other devices, like their mobile phones, just by logging into the Big Network App. They can invite other colleagues to join their Cloud Network using their email addresses, ensuring that every device connects to the Cloud Network in a fully meshed, peer-to-peer, and encrypted fashion. For a deep dive into the underlying technology, refer to Big Network's TECH PRIMER.

Embrace the Power of Secure Networking

Big Network’s Secure Networking for Teams is your path to connecting distributed teams as seamlessly as if they were all on the same LAN. Our technology empowers network and system administrators, developers, and even home users to create private, Internet-wide networks under their full control.

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