A New REST API, Big Apps Update, and Layer 2 Network Configuration

Tom Daly
March 14, 2023
Discover Big Network's latest updates, including our new REST API, Big Apps update, and Layer 2 Network Configuration. Learn how these enhancements improve network design, simplify access, and offer more efficient and secure connectivity.

With 2023 officially in full-swing, Big Network is excited to announce the newest product, service, and company updates for the new year! We have updated our Portal and APIs, provided new support for our Edge Pro and Edge Lite hardware, improved Big Apps, and added several new Support Guides to our website. Read about what we accomplished in 2022 and how we started our new First Quarter, and stay tuned for future posts as we continue to develop new solutions and expand our company.

Product Updates

Big Network’s Portal and REST APIs enable architects and engineers to express their intended network design, including the topology, who and what devices should be able to access it, and how it connects to other elements of the network. Integration with OAth (Google, Microsoft, A) simplifies access to our services for small and large organizations, and integration with SAML directories is available. Role-based access control, or RBAC, is used to clearly define who can create and modify networks, as well as the devices and people who can join them. Learn more about the Big Network API in our Knowledge Base.

Our Edge Pro and Edge Lite hardware devices feature the ability to host “Local Services,” which are virtual network functions (VNFs) natively available on our devices. These Local Services include Local Breakout, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol v4, (DHCPv4), and Edge Dashboard. Local Services configuration is a property of the “Networks” definition, and specifically of a network itself. You can mix and match available Local Services on a per-Edge-per-Network basis. Learn more about Local Services in our Knowledge Base.

Product Updates

Service Updates

Big Network’s cloud apps, Big Apps, have also received an important update to make them more functional and efficient. Version 1.8.1 of the client has been promoted to production and made publicly available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Users should see an automatic update to accommodate this change or contact Big Network Support for additional assistance.

We are constantly working to improve our services and create a smoother, more efficient user-experience, so stay tuned in for all of our Big App updates to ensure that you are running the most recent versions of our software!

New Support Guides

Big Network has been creating Support and Configuration Guides to provide our users with easily-accessible and navigable instructions for using our products and services to their full potential. We frequently update our Knowledge Base with updated information and setup guides to provide our users with the most recent and efficient instructions for how to most effectively use our technology. Our newest article details a configuration for one of your Cloud Networks for Layer 2 SD-WAN.

Multi-Site Layer 2 Cloud Networks with Local-Site Internet Breakout provides a few different configuration options when combined with one of our Cloud Networks for Layer 2 SD-WAN. Big Network provides software and hardware that makes it fast and easy to deploy distributed multi-site Layer 2 networks, along with Local Internet Breakout functionality. By default, Local Internet Breakout relies on two key functions: Network Address Translation (NAT) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) service.

Stay In Touch

In case you missed any of our most recent Blog Posts, you can access them here. Keep in touch for more updates on Big Network’s LinkedIn and Twitter and keep checking our blog for more news in upcoming weeks!

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