CK Technology Group selects Big Network to Secure and Privatize VOIP Platform Offerings

Tom Daly
May 2, 2023
CK Technology Group leverages Big Network's Edge Pro, Edge Lite, and Edge Virtual products to secure and privatize their VOIP platform offerings. Discover how our solutions enhance privacy and security for VOIP services.

Big Network’s Cloud Networks help get vulnerable VOIP services “off the Internet”.

Big Network is pleased to announce that CK Technology Group has selected the company’s Edge Pro, Edge Lite, and Edge Virtual line of products to secure and privatize the firm’s voice over IP (VOIP) platform offerings. CK Technology Group provides best-in-class information technology solutions, including VOIP services, across clients based in New York City. By leveraging Cloud Networks from Big Network, CK Technology Group is able to take their services “off the Internet,” resulting in a more private and secure service offering.

Focused on the remote workforce, CK Technology Group’s VOIP platform consists of an on-premise VOIP PBX combined with a cloud-hosted backup VOIP PBX for redundancy supporting phones on the LAN as well as users working in remote locations.

CK Technology Group used a combination of devices from Big Network to achieve the rollout of a private WAN for their VOIP solution. Using Big Network Edge Pro at the customer location and an Edge Virtual within the Cloud Hosting Warm Standby, a private, multi-path network operates. Using Edge Lite in remote worker homes, VOIP handsets are privately connected to this network and able to reach both the primary and backup PBX’s, ensuring the company's smooth operation regardless of any local provider issues.

This design significantly reduces risk by removing any internet facing ports and protocols used and ensuring all SIP and RTP traffic is routed on their private, highly available cloud network. Big Network’s peer-to-peer nature ensures that reliance on services such as public DNS, port forwarding, or firewall exceptions is eliminated, reducing the attack surface of the VOIP solution.


Todd Alwell, the Operations Director at CK Technology Group, gave some of his personal insight on the configuration: “You know what is really cool about this configuration? SIP is probably one of the most exploited things on the internet. In order to have remote users or phones registering from another location, you need to expose SIP to the internet. With that, you get hundreds of hack attempts per minute, increased traffic flow, and you are at the mercy of your built-in firewall to protect your PBX. Once exploited, the hackers use your server to forward calls to all over the world, frequently running up hundreds of thousands of dollars in bills within a very short period of time. This ends with Big Network in place.”

Deploying services over the top with Big Network means that clients continue to get the ubiquity of the global internet as a platform for access to anything, anywhere in the world. The major shift is that Big Network enables these services to be delivered over the top via a private and secure overlay network, using the given organization's network policy and that isn’t infected with the malware, ransomware, and malice found on the general open Internet.

Tom Daly, CEO of Big Network also offered his personal input on the unique configuration: “Services need the ubiquitous access of the Internet so that anyone can connect to anything, anywhere in the world,” he stated. “However, not every device needs to be able to connect and see the global Internet. There are many applications and services that work better when secured on a private ‘slice’ of the Internet, and that’s what Big Network enables.”

Interested in how to secure and privatize your VOIP network? Learn more about how Big Network can help extend and secure VOIP networks by reading our blog. Not using VOIP but need a secure, multi-site WAN? Learn how to configure extended LANs in our Knowledge Base.

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