Deploying a SIPA Headend at Hivelocity Hosting

Tom Daly
May 2, 2024
Discover how quick and easy it is to deploy a SIPA headend to Hivelocity to static IP across diverse connectivity providers and enhance your network uptime and performance.

What is Static IP Anywhere (SIPA)

SIPA (Static IP Anywhere) is an emerging solution that enables network architectures to deliver static IP addresses across multiple diverse connections enabling high availability connectivity without the high costs of traditional solutions.

Traditionally, high-availability connectivity has been an expensive endeavor that forces organizations to use expensive business class connectivity or manage complex BGP configurations. SIPA enables businesses to build business-class services across diverse connectivity providers for easier management, improved performance and greater reliability.

To demonstrate how powerful and simple this is, we recently published an Knowledge Base Article that shows how easy it is to deploy a SIPA headend leveraging virtual infrastructure from Hivelocity. The solution is a simple use-case in delivering robust, business critical connectivity through carrier-agnostic links and without the challenges and without the overhead of operating traditional BGP routing.

Operational Advantages of SIPA

Upon successful deployment, a SIPA Headend offers multiple operational advantages:

  1. Resilient Connectivity: By unbundling static IP addresses from their ISPs, SIPA allows for the use of multiple internet connections (including MPLS, Fibre, Cable, LEO, LTE and more), ensuring that connectivity remains uninterrupted even if one ISP fails. This is particularly beneficial for businesses where consistent online presence is crucial.
  2. Simplified Management: With a cloud-managed setup, network administrators can easily monitor and adjust configurations as needed without the need for on-site adjustments. This reduces the complexity and cost associated with network management.
  3. Enhanced Security and Control: The centralized nature of SIPA Headends allows for better security measures and access controls, ensuring that network traffic is monitored and managed effectively from a single point.
  4. Lower Costs & Risk: By replacing traditional business services which are expensive and still offer single points of failure, organizations can deploy highly diverse consumer grade connectivity and eliminate virtually all single points of failure inside their network.

What is a SIPA Headend?

A SIPA Headend is a network gateway installed on a cloud or physical server that facilitates the routing, DHCP services, and gateway functionalities required to manage IP addresses and network traffic across 1 or more connections.

By implementing a SIPA Headend at Hivelocity, organizations can leverage a cloud VPS that combines optimal CPU/RAM configurations with ample bandwidth, making it an ideal environment for a gateway.

Benefits of Deploying a SIPA Headend at Hivelocity

The decision to deploy a SIPA Headend at Hivelocity comes with several tangible benefits:

  1. Cost Efficiency: Reduces the need for expensive dedicated internet access and complex BGP configurations.
  2. High Availability: Ensures that network services are always on, thanks to multiple ISP support which provides redundancy and failover capabilities.
  3. Scalability: As your business grows, so too can your network. Adding more SIPA Headends or scaling existing ones is straightforward and the investment to do so is minimal.
  4. Flexibility: Compatible with various types of internet connections and can be deployed on both physical and virtual infrastructures, providing businesses with the flexibility to choose the best setup based on their specific needs.

Setting Up the SIPA Headend at Hivelocity

Our SIPA on Hivelocity Knowledge Base Article demonstrates the process involved in setting up a VPS at Hivelocity which is easily completed using their user-friendly portal. Once the server is in place, the next steps involve uploading and installing the Big Network Edge Virtual OS. This OS lays the groundwork for configuring and managing the network smoothly using Big Network's Portal.

Example Architecture


Implementing a SIPA Headend at Hivelocity represents a strategic enhancement to any organization’s network infrastructure. It offers a reliable, scalable, and efficient way to manage network connectivity and IP addressing across multiple locations and ISPs. By leveraging cloud technologies and advanced network management tools, businesses can achieve a higher level of network resilience and operational efficiency, positioning them well for future growth and technological advancements.

For a more detailed guide on setting this all up, visit our SIPA Headend on Highvelocity Knowledge Base Article and be running in minutes!

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