Announcing Edge Virtual

Tom Daly
April 8, 2023
Big Network's Edge Virtual allows you to extend your network into cloud, datacenter, or on-premise environments. Learn how our innovative solution simplifies connectivity, reduces complexity, and enhances security across mixed hosting environments.

Edge Virtual is a virtualized edition of the Big Network Edge Pro hardware platform designed to provide Cloud Network connectivity in virtualized environments. Utilizing an virtualized edition of the Big Network NodeOS, Edge Virtual allows any Cloud Network to be extended into environments inside virtualized cloud, bare metal, and on-premise environments.

The Problem

Network managers are being challenged to ensure seamless connectivity between different hosting environments as hybrid cloud and decentralized applications become increasingly popular. In the past, this has required relying on outdated IPSEC technologies, expensive MPLS deployments, or compromising trust and security practices, leading to increased complexity and potential security vulnerabilities.

The rise of cloud environments has only magnified the problem - by adding additional network patterns to the mix - at least one for each major cloud provider, plus on-premise network designs, as well as the networking patterns adopted by bare metal and other infrastructure as a service (Iaas) providers.

These mixed environments generate complexity which means that even the establishment of basic connectivity between two clouds, cloud to premise, or cloud to IaaS means the need to deploy a wide set of networking technologies, from VXLAN to BGP EVPN to IPSEC. This overhead and operational toil for operations teams is expensive and inefficient. Introducing Edge Virtual from Big Network

Edge Virtual packages Big Network’s proprietary network operating system, NodeOS, for use on top of VMware ESXi and Linux KVM hypervisors, allowing for a more flexible deployment model where traditional hardware isn’t desirable. Edge Virtual supports Big Network’s full feature set: Cloud Networks, Local Breakout, DHCP, Internet Failover, SD-WAN, Remote Access VPN, Cloud Orchestrated and Software Updates. Edge Virtual exposes a two-port network appliance as a virtual machine and supports VLAN tags, providing solutions for a wide array of use cases.

By enabling a full Layer 2 network to be extended to wherever it is running, Edge Virtual empowers teams to interconnect bare metal, cloud, and on-premise infrastructure with ease and flexibility. This powerful networking construct allows network managers to overcome the challenges of mixed hosting environments and distributed applications with ease, and without compromising on security or performance.

With Edge Virtual and Big Network’s other components, network managers can now flatten their network topology to deploy a Cloud Network across any number of locations, enabling more efficient communication between devices and significantly removing complexity and management.

Edge Virtual, along with the entire suite of Edge Pro and Edge Lite products, continually monitor all available pathways between locations and optimize traffic allocations to ensure performance and availability, reducing latency and packet loss issues that can impact user experience and availability. In addition, Big Network also provides insights into connectivity for troubleshooting Internet WAN connectivity allowing administrators to quickly identify root cause connection issues.

How is Edge Virtual being used?

We’ve been excited to see how companies have deployed Edge Virtual into a variety of architectures to overcome networking challenges.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Hybrid Cloud Interconnect: using Edge Virtual to link Public Clouds (e.g. AWS VPC to a Bare Metal provider, such as Equinix Metal), to allow devices to communicate as if they are local to each other and migrate workloads between providers.
  • Cloud to Premise Networking: using Edge Virtual in the Cloud, or on Premise, or any mix of Edge Virtual and Edge Pro/Lite as a private network to gain access to on-premise resources from the Cloud, or to create migratory paths to the Cloud from traditional IT infrastructure.
  • Replacement to SD-WAN: Use Edge Virtual to modernize and virtualize dedicated SD-WAN / MPLS devices on existing on-premise hypervisors.

Getting Started

We have already published two of our most common deployment scenarios:

  1. How to get started with Edge Virtual on KVM
  2. How to get started with Edge Virtual on VMWare ESXi

Looking for other deployment options? Drop us a line and we’d love to help you get started.


Edge Virtual is an innovative solution to extend your network into the cloud, datacenter, or on-premise environment. Big Network is radically transforming how private networks are deployed over the public internet, a concept we’ve named Cloud Networking, to replace outdated IPSEC deployments and expensive MPLS circuits.

If your private network feels like it could and should be easier to manage, let’s chat about how we can make that a reality.

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