Employee Spotlight: Edvin Mako

Edvin Mako
November 16, 2021
Meet Edvin Mako, a dedicated Software Engineer at Big Network. Discover his journey, his role in developing our applications, and his vision for the future of secure and accessible networking.

(Editor’s Note: At Big Network we believe two of our biggest differentiators are the experience of our team and the fact that we’re using our own solutions to grow our company all around the world. In this new blog series, we shine a spotlight on those great team members and why they’re excited to be a part of our Big Network. Check out our previous spotlights on Martin Sunal and Paul Mailhot.)

Who are you?

My name is Edvin Mako and I am a Software Engineer. Recently I have graduated with a masters degree in artificial intelligence at Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies in Bratislava, Slovakia. For a long time, I have had a passion to build useful things for people from all around the world, and the IT sector is great in offering this chance basically only using your notebook :). Since high school I have been a startup enthusiast. Learning and being in this ecosystem I even managed to build my own products during my first years at university.

Why did you join Big Network?

I learned about Big Network from my two good friends, Jan and Frico, whom I have known since my first year at Faculty. I immediately was excited about the product, and the idea that we will be building something from the ground up, which will eventually be used by lots of people and offices around the world. Since this matched with my motivation of building something to have an impact on people, I immediately joined, and found myself surrounded by great people and a great team.

What is your role and what is your primary responsibility?

At Big Network I am part of the frontend development team. After I joined, my primary responsibility was the development and maintenance of all Big Network Apps, for desktops and mobiles. This position is exciting, because it gives you a lot of responsibility over what you deliver and the freedom to explore lots of ideas from which you have to pick the best ones for customers/users.

Where are you located? Where do you work each day?

I am currently located in Bratislava, Slovakia. Since I am originally from Romania, sometimes I come to my hometown and work from there.

Edvin works

How do you use Big Network?

At Big Network we use our product almost everyday when we develop something. Since some of our internal infrastructure is running on our own product, it is inevitable to use our apps when developing or testing some feature. While travelling, I have used Big Network to watch my favourite Netflix shows, which were not available in that country.

What is the future of Big Network?

I think the future of Big Network is in offices. I can imagine many other offices using Big Network the same way we do in our daily work. Also I think Big Network will help secure data access for a lot of businesses. Since our edge device is easy to use and install, for example in an office with its own data centers, users could access data using Big Network apps, which would add an extra layer of security. Remote LAN-like games are another nice use case of Big Network’s product :).

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