Employee Spotlight: Martin Sunal

Martin Sunal
October 28, 2021
Get to know Martin Sunal, the Lead Software Architect at Big Network. Discover his journey, his role, and how he uses Big Network to enhance connectivity and simplify complex processes.
(Editor’s Note: At Big Network we believe two of our biggest differentiators are the experience of our team and the fact that we’re using our own solutions to grow our company all around the world. In this new blog series, we shine a spotlight on those great team members and why they’re excited to be a part of our Big Network.)

Who are you?

My name is Martin Sunal and I am a technology enthusiast merging networking with software development.

I have liked the networking domain since University and software development is a great way to automate, control and simplify complex processes. I've worked on world wide SDN projects for Fortune 500 customers and also on the open-source SDN controller OpenDaylight. In my spare time, I am an RC pilot.

Why did you join Big Network?

I see huge potential in connecting everything in a simple way, which is exactly what Big Network offers. It also covers areas I am interested in like cloud native, microservice architecture with high availability, and scalability in the solution from the networking domain.

What is your role and what is your primary responsibility?

My role is Lead Software Architect. Basically, I am responsible for designing, reviewing, and accommodating software architecture based on business needs. But I am not just drawing diagrams, I am also helping with implementation, testing, deployment, documentation, code review, etc.

Big Network is a startup so it's common to wear many hats, which keeps us sharp.

Where are you located? Where do you work each day?

I am located in Bratislava, Slovakia.

How do you use Big Network?

Cloud networks are part of our development/testing environment so we are also a customer to ourselves. I also have the Big Edge at home for testing but I am planning to use it for accessing NAS and IoT devices from anywhere.

How does Big Network help you do your job?

I use the Big App to connect to our development and production infrastructure on a daily basis.

What is the future of Big Network?

Big Network will help companies connect people to any services in a secure decentralized way.

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