Employee Spotlight: Paul Mailhot

Paul Mailhot
November 7, 2021
Get to know Paul Mailhot, the Chief Operating Officer at Big Network. Learn about his role, his passion for technology, and his vision for the future of connectivity.
(Editor’s Note: At Big Network we believe two of our biggest differentiators are the experience of our team and the fact that we’re using our own solutions to grow our company all around the world. In this new blog series, we shine a spotlight on those great team members and why they’re excited to be a part of our Big Network. Check out our previous spotlight here.)

Who are you?

Paul Mailhot. Chief Operating Officer at Big Network. Husband, father, passionate about working and living in NH, technology, cars and golf.

Why did you join Big Network?

The team was a huge reason to join Big Network - significant expertise and experience in the internet and networking industry. Add the ability to build and grow the company in New Hampshire and this made joining even more attractive to me.

What is your role and what is your primary responsibility?

Chief Operating Officer. I am responsible for the management of day to day execution and results. I will implement tools, systems, and tactics to track and ensure success in achieving our overall strategy and goals. Additionally I will help organize Big Network by defining, organizing, and implementing our processes and systems including Finance, HR, IT, Legal, Client Services, and Business Operations.

Where are you located? Where do you work each day?

Bedford, New Hampshire - I work at home or at our offices in Nashua, NH

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What is the future of Big Network?

Possibilities are endless. In a world that has become increasingly dependent on the internet, connectivity will continue to be critical. Our technology will enable this to happen more quickly and securely.

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