Better Home Automation with Fewer Truck Rolls

Tom Daly
March 3, 2023
Discover how Complete AV leverages Big Network's technology to elevate customer experience. Learn how our secure cloud networks enable seamless remote access, proactive service, and efficient troubleshooting for home automation systems.

How Complete A/V Leverages Big Network’s Technology

In today's fast-paced world, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, both at work and at home. When it comes to audio and video systems for home automation, the technology behind the systems is just as important as the devices that use it. That's why Complete A/V, a leading audio-video integrator based in southern New Hampshire, has chosen to partner with Big Network.

Big Network is a technology company that creates private and secure cloud networks to help businesses connect their public and private clouds to on-premise infrastructure, devices, and people globally. With its state-of-the-art technology, Complete A/V is able to remotely access customer systems such as Control4 home automation, Lutron shades and lighting, and BiAmp audio equipment.

By leveraging Big Network's technology, Complete A/V is able to offer its customers a seamless experience with their home automation systems, regardless of where they are. Complete A/V engineers can remotely deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot client systems as though they are on-site with full security and encryption between the client site and the Complete A/V engineer. Big Network is used to establish a complete Layer 2 path into the remote client site, enabling devices and systems that are both cloud native, and on-premise only, to be remotely accessed.

As you can read in our blog, there are many categories of “cloud native” devices in the world, however, not all features are always enabled for remote access. This is especially true in high end home automation and control systems. This lack of control becomes a hindrance, leads to increased service calls on site, and more coordination overhead.

Deployment of the Big Network solution is simple: Complete A/V deploys Big Network’s Edge Lite at the client site using the customer’s existing Internet connection. No network reconfiguration is required, nor does Big Network require any special network policy such as port forwards or DHCP reservations. A Cloud Network is configured to allow remote access, and Big Apps are used as remote access clients.

From there, Complete A/V is able to fully manage the Edge Lite, control remote access, and monitor the solution via Big Network’s portal and API. Complete A/V deploys Big Network in just twenty minutes as a fully-managed solution. Thanks to built-in WAN monitoring, Complete A/V can also use Big Network to assess the quality of ISP connections at client sites.

The increased level of accessibility using Big Network’s technology enables Complete A/V to offer a level of proactive service to its clients. Full remote accessibility to A/V related networks allows for complete visibility of deployed system components, monitoring, and health checking. Complete A/V is able to monitor the A/V infrastructure for problems, and respond to issues before the client is required to raise a trouble ticket.

Furthermore, because the limitations of on-premise technology are bypassed with Big Network, Complete A/V is able to save the money and fuel required to send technicians to customer sites. Simple troubleshooting often requires a 5-10 minute session on-site, but that process can take hours when adding travel time to the job. Instead, Complete A/V can save the trouble time and schedule/remotely dispatch their best team members based on their knowledge of the client and the environment being run. This means that the most knowledgeable technician can remotely diagnose the problem, customers get their issue resolved quicker, and the company saves money on fuel - win, win, win!

Complete A/V's partnership with Big Network is a win-win for both the company and its customers. With the ability to remotely access and control home automation systems, Complete A/V is able to enhance the customer experience, save on truck rolls, and maximize happiness. To learn more about Complete A/V and its services, visit their website.

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