Inside Big Network - Edge Pro Explained

Tom Daly
April 12, 2022
Dive into the capabilities of Big Network's Edge Pro. With L2 and L3 packet processing, VLAN, DHCP, VPN, SD-WAN, local NAT, and a cloud-managed dashboard, Edge Pro is designed to enhance your networking experience.

The Big Network Edge Pro is our flagship hardware gateway used to bridge Cloud Networks to the physical networking world. The Edge Pro can be placed at the datacenter, the corporate office, and/or the branch to provide remotely managed, SD-WAN enabled access to local wired networks. Use the Edge Pro as a VPN access gateway to enable the modern hybrid workforce, as a gateway for VOIP systems, or as a means to securely reach the cloud - the Edge Pro offers flexible networking options.


In terms of hardware, Edge Pro is built upon the Intel Atom C3000 processor, 8GB DDR4 memory, 2x10G SFP+ ports, and 6x 1GE ports. This Intel Atom C3000 processor provides us with hardware accelerated AES encryption which we use to protect customer data transiting through Cloud Networks. All ports on the Edge Pro can be configured as WAN or LAN ports, can be combined into switch port groups, or individually assigned to various networking tasks, providing significant flexibility. Edge Pro uses on-board eMMC to store our custom Linux operating system, NodeOS, plus room for system updates, logs, and other systems management tasks.


For software, we start with NodeOS, Big Network’s customized Linux distribution. NodeOS provides the framework for a remotely managed Edge Pro node, including remote configuration, software updates, log streaming, and centralized telemetry. From there, we launch the Project’s Vector Packet Processing (VPP) framework, an open source network dataplane optimized for devices like Big Edge. VPP provides a robust and stable interface to Intel’s Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) which in turn enables robust kernel-bypassed networking functionality at wire speed. Lastly, we layer on software to enable Big Network’s Cloud Network functionality.


Once on-boarded to Big Network, the Big Edge provides a wide variety of services, including L2 and L3 packet processing, VLAN, DHCP, VPN, SD-WAN, local NAT, and a local dashboard, that is entirely cloud managed and upgraded. This functionality means that network engineers and developers can spend more time delivering on their objectives, than wrestling with the network. And in the event that something ever does go wrong, Big Network’s configuration versioning, deployment, and rollback capabilities means that one can quickly recover the network in case something goes wrong.

Big Network currently has stock of our Big Edge Pros available. Learn how easy the deployment process is from our Knowledge Base.

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