Introducing Solutions from Big Network

Robert Muller
October 23, 2021
Unveiling Big Network's innovative solutions for remote access, team networking, private networks, and SD-WAN. Tailored to your needs, our solutions ensure seamless and secure connectivity, no matter where you are.

At Big Network, we create secure networks that are instantly provisioned for our customers. Our software and hardware are used to create dynamic, flexible network topologies at layer 2 and layer 3 so that customers can solve real business problems safely and quickly.

Today, we are excited to share five different ways that our products can help businesses do just that:

Remote Access

Use Big Network to enable remote access to your business, off-site locations, or remote customer locations simply and securely. Gain access to remote file shares, business applications, and systems with ease.

Using the Big Network Edge Pro as an access gateway to the on-site network and Big Apps as remote clients, you can gain access to networks behind dynamic wide area network (WAN) IPs, carrier grade NATs (CGNATs), and firewalls in a secure manner.

Networking for Teams

Networking for Teams leverages our ecosystem of Big Apps for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Apple iOS, and Android to create remote, team-friendly virtual ethernet switches in the cloud. Team members can use Cloud Networks to collaborate on software development tasks, run enterprise applications that would otherwise require a local LAN, and even share internet access with each other to shift internet connectivity perspectives.

Networking for Teams is easy to set up and requires no on-premises hardware.


Use Big Network to create software-defined WANs (SD-WANs) across your headquarters, branch offices, traditional data centers, and cloud service providers. Cloud Networks natively support multipath traffic routing over any mix of internet connections, including cable, DSL, ethernet services, and dedicated Internet access.

Our Edge Pro is deployed as the on-premises gateway for sites and can be combined with Big Apps to create a single-pane-of-glass solution for both SD-WAN and VPN-based remote access.

Private Networks for Devices

By using AES-encrypted end-to-end tunneling technology, Big Network can be used to create complete private networks across the internet without them connecting to the internet. This allows device manufacturers and integrators to deploy ecosystems of devices, secured from the hostility of the wide internet. Use Big Network to deploy sensors, remote building management systems, security and access control, and audiovisual systems via a secure network built on top of commodity internet access.

For ISPs

Internet service providers (ISPs) can use Edge Pro as next-generation universal customer premise equipment that enables over-the-top delivery of services, such as secure internet access, private L2/L3 ethernet services, and direct connect to cloud service providers. Using Edge Pro allows for rapid service enablement and provisioning on the customer’s premises, without requiring additional complexity in the network core. Big Network maintains a full lifecycle for device management and upgrades as well.

These solutions are “networking easy buttons,” using patterns and methods that are well known to Big Network and our customers to solve real business problems. The beauty of our cloud networks is the ability to program the network and deploy flexibly, enabling customers to solve problems we have not even thought of. We hope you’ll give our solutions a try and then experiment to come up with your own networking easy buttons.

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