Introducing the new Edge Lite (v2)

Tom Daly
September 11, 2023
The new Edge Lite features 3 ethernet ports allowing for high-availability WAN connectivity or LAN segregation.

We are constantly working to expand our platform to make your network’s connectivity even stronger and faster, and we’ve made a huge step in the right direction with our updated Edge Lite. With the same powerful capabilities as our other Edge hardware (Edge Pro), the new Edge Lite has 3 Ethernet ports instead of 2 Ethernet Ports found on the original Edge Lite to increase deployment flexibility.

How does Edge work?

Edge Lite combines SD-WAN, SD-LAN, mesh overlay, VPP, DPDK, VPN, a router, and more to create one device with the networking power of multiple tools. The Edge Lite v2 can extend a network to anywhere, enable failover to backup providers, and bring the power of the cloud to physical ports of your choice. With Edge, you can connect multiple locations and decentralized teams together into a single LAN.

What's changed on the Edge Lite?

The addition of a new ethernet port allows for a variety of new configurations. The ports can be setup in any combination that is desirable allowing for multi-wan configurations for failover or highavailability configurations through to physical LAN seperation for private and guest networks.

There are 3 configurations an Edge Lite typically operates in:

  • 2 ports (1 WAN and 1 LAN) to add a simple physical Layer 2 remote access port to your network anywhere. 
  • 2 LAN and 1 WAN to segment two physical Layer 2 ports to your network from anywhere.
  • 1 LAN and 2 WAN to provide Internet resiliency and performance of your Internet connections. 

What are some of its benefits?

Edge Lite is cost-efficient so you can get started easily. It’s quick to deploy and easy to integrate. Just like our other products, it doesn’t require port forwarding, firewall rule modification, or other network configuration to start working. Simply plug it in and you’re ready to go, with full management from the cloud.

Use Edge Lite to securely access and extend your network anywhere, and get SD-WAN capabilities, fast path Networking, and Layer 2 Tunneling, all in one piece of hardware. To access your network any time, from any device, anywhere you have Internet access (yes, really, anywhere), integrate  Edge Lite with Big Network Apps.

Who is the Edge Lite for?

With high flexibility, easy portability, and extensive utility, the  Edge Lite is suitable for a variety of use cases, but we’ve detailed a few that we think are the most notable:

  • Seperating building management systems from residential networks
  • Connecting remote workforces to local resources privately and securely
  • Providing high-availability services by adding in a second WAN configuration
  • Building private out-of-band networks for Internet Service Providers and Managed Service Providers to have remote access to core equipment and customer premise equipment

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