Big Network’s “Work from Anywhere” vision comes to life with $2 Million in seed funding

Robert Muller
October 12, 2021
Big Network secures $2 million in seed funding, propelling our mission to simplify connectivity for the future. Discover how we're enhancing our platform to ensure you stay connected, from anywhere, at any time.

This week, we were thrilled to announce the next chapter for Big Network. By raising $2 million in series seed funding, we will further develop our cloud managed connectivity platform, to make secure connectivity and networking simple to set up and maintain - by anyone.

At Big Network, we are passionate about creating solutions that solve and simplify user experiences. This is made possible through the innovative and entrepreneurial minds that make up the Big Network team. We are building a team of talented disruptors that invent, innovate, improve and automate the way network solutions are built and delivered.

A Big Network with Big Talent

Our team’s background allows us to execute on our ambitious vision: to securely and instantly connect people, places, clouds and their devices anywhere. We’re a global group of experienced entrepreneurs, technologists and passionate innovators. Our founders include our CEO, Robert Muller, who previously co-founded National Voice and Data, Fast Network, Business Technology Group and Honest Networks, and our CTO, Andrej Binder, who holds a PhD in Computer Science, was previously CTO of LineFactory, an early SD-WAN start-up. He spent most of his life designing massively scalable networks and computer system architectures that are in use by millions of people across the world. Our team also includes Tomáš Boros, Ján Nemčík, Tomáš Frídel, Edvin Mako, Dušan Matejka, Polina Levkovych and Sam Saprykinse.

  • Tomáš Boros is a senior software engineer who leads our initiatives to bring the software powering our Edge hardware platform to life. Tomas Boros holds a PhD in Applied Informatics from the Slovak University of Technology.
  • Ján Nemčík is a software engineer focusing on the microservice architectures driving our Big Network backends and the Portal. He is working on his PhD in the field of applied informatics at Slovak University of Technology.
  • Tomáš Frídel is also a software engineer, focused on our data networking software. He is the author of most of the advanced in-browser functionality of our portal.
  • Edvin Mako, also a software engineer, oversees the development of Big Apps across Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, as well as iOS and Android mobile platforms. Edvin, like the others, also joins us with credentials from the Slovak University of Technology.
  • Dušan Matejka is our DevOps guru that is responsible for automation and security of our infrastructure. Dusan’s also holds a degree from Slovak University of Technology.
  • Polina Levkovich and Sam Saprykin handle design for our platforms. Polina focuses on UX and holds a Masters Degree in Urban Planning and Architecture.
  • Sam Saprykin is a full stack developer focusing on front-end with a Masters Degree in Computer Applications.

We’re backed by Harvey Allison, retired, co-founder of the Attractor Family of crossover hedge funds and Tom Daly, co-founder at Dyn and previously SVP Infrastructure of Fastly. Both Harvey and Tom bring phenomenal industry experience and strategic value to the vision of Big Network.

Working from Anywhere

We started building Big Network in August 2019 with a vision to securely and instantly connect people, places, clouds and their devices anywhere. Little did we know, our vision of the “future” was quickly becoming our reality.

As the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world in early 2020, like others, we had to close our offices in New York, India and Bratislava. We began to work from our homes. As engineers, we were deeply unhappy with the solutions available to us to re-connect our team together and work as efficiently as if we were together in an office. We built Big Network to solve a real time problem we were having, knowing that others would want to be able to instantly and securely connect everything together, anywhere.

Our team has been building and using Big Network for the past 18 months. The result is a world class connectivity platform for the new hybrid and modernized workforce. Hardware, software and cloud services in one platform that create an open and connected ecosystem which fuses best of breed technologies, partners and, services together at the click of a button.

Our mission with Big Network is simple: We are creating the world’s best platform to make connectivity and secure networks easy to set up and maintain - by anyone. Today’s funding is another step in seeing that mission through.

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