Empowering Startups: HPE’s Diversity Startup Program

Jeff Maier
June 26, 2023
Focussed Focused on supporting business started by underrepresented groups, it provides cloud service vouchers and IT support from Alpha3, HPE’s Greenlake provider.

Cloud computing Cloud networking shouldn’t be withheld from minority-owned startups. They needed the same access to the same solutions as the big organizations in the running, and HPE swooped in with the perfect solution.

Hybrid Cloud: Is it by Accident or by Design?

Enterprises have only moved 30% of workloads to the cloud, leaving a significant opportunity for expansion in a variety of fields and industries. Organizations have also come to realize that there are several workloads that will never make it to a Public Cloud, which can be for reasons like latency of the application, the cost of storing large amounts of data, or data privacy and/or data sovereignty. Therefore, hybrid cloud is happening now in organizations, but in a forced, unplanned, and unstructured way. This is what HPE is calling “hybrid by accident.”

“Hybrid by accident” means that you end up with multiple different operating modes and models: one set of tools and techniques for on-premise compute, something else for collocated and bare mental, and a third set of constructs for public cloud. This all leads to an incredible amount of complexity to manage. So, HPE is focusing on helping enterprise clients go “hybrid by design” in the future as a result of HPE GreenLake offering and its integration with carious public clouds.

But the hybrid cloud isn’t just for the big guys. A number of women and minority-owned startups have emerged on the scene in recent years, and HPE is developing a program to give them a boost. In our digital age, embracing new technology like cloud environments is the key to success. By providing startups with vouchers for cloud services, HPE will enable them to accelerate their growth and expand their reach more easily and efficiently.

“The HPE Diversity Startup program will make a huge impact on Joyuus. Working closely with Alpha 3 Cloud, we have gained invaluable IT guidance and access to cloud services, ensuring we can scale as our business grows – securely and affordability. HPE's commitment to promoting diversity and supporting innovative startups is truly commendable, and we're honored to be a part of this empowering program.“

Kristine Merz, Co-founder of Joyuus with Lisa Marceau

What is the HPE Diversity Startup Program?

Focused on supporting and assisting in developing businesses started by underrepresented groups, the program provides cloud service vouchers and IT support from Alpha3, HPE’s Greenlake provider. The program aims to create more equality in the technological landscape for any business owner and type of organization.

Vouchers provide customers with 12 months of free cloud services, enabling companies to use advanced technologies for a prolonged period and amplify their business. The benefits of the vouchers are customized to each organization to suit their individual needs and customers, making it an ideal opportunity for smaller businesses beginning their operations and developing a customer journey.

Why do you need Cloud Computing for your organization?

Cloud environments bring lots of benefits to organizations and their customers in effectiveness and speed of connectivity, the ability to securely remotely access devices, and eliminating extra operation and staff costs. Saving on unnecessary costs is crucial for small startups that need all the resources that are available to them and can boost the company’s growth even faster. What’s even more is the cloud’s ability to support your business in ways you never knew you needed. Cloud environments serve as an information storage unit in case you suffer major data loss, limit your need for in-house staff, and grow with your business to keep you connected indefinitely.

Although you should explore which solutions and configurations are best for you and your organization, HPE’s program will allow startups to create an environment that addresses their needs to amplify their operations. Here are some reasons outlined by HPE why your organization could benefit from cloud computing:

1. Purchasing and maintaining on-premises solutions are a huge cost

Cloud solutions cut staffing costs and any costs associated with being on-premise to use devices and continue business operations in-person. Especially for startups, cutting costs that often go with the first steps of developing a business can be a huge advantage.

2. You have a small IT staff

Just like extra staff costs, developing an IT team requires hosting a team of knowledgeable IT professionals in-house, which creates even more costs. With a cloud solution, IT tasks can be outsourced and eliminate the need for hiring more internal staff and save your company money.

3. You need a customizable, quickly-configurable environment

HPE’s solution allows you to scale your infrastructure up or down to suit your changing needs without adding additional costs or compromising the efficacy of your environment. Like Big Network’s platform, HPE developed a pay-per-use infrastructure to make testing and developing easier, which is an essential strategy for the growth of a startup.

4. You need a backup or recovery solution

Sure, needing a backup plan is unlikely, but every organization needs one just in case disaster strikes. That’s where the cloud comes in: easy deployment gives you a place to store your most information to make sure you still have it if you lose data elsewhere.

So my startup needs a Cloud Environment - what are the benefits?

Glad you asked - in addition to the significant support cloud networking can provide for you and your organization, there are a ton of benefits that come with it. Let’s take a look at a few of them as HPE has outlined:

  1. Transparent and Scalable: Develop an environment that scales with your organization.
  2. Simple to Use: Anyone can configure and use these solutions. Adjust your environment, understand the financials of your solution, and interact with your environment through a simple interface.
  3. Open and Flexible: Work with the tools and operating systems you know best and use the same management tools you use for your on-premise for your cloud solution.
  4. Expert HPE Support: Experts are available to you within 30 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and a highly trained architect team is available for design consultation. 
  5. Zero vendor lock-in: Along with no ingress fees, you can move your data in/out of the cloud as needed.


The benefits of cloud computing shouldn’t be limited to the big guys with a ton of capital and head-start advantages. Women and minority-owned businesses are on a huge rise, and they need the same access to the same solutions to amplify their business and expedite their expansion and connectivity. With HPE’s new program, startups can take advantage of a complementary solution to test and develop a cloud environment as it suits their business and customer needs, something that has not yet been done.

If you’re one of those businesses, be sure to check out the rest of the details and see if you qualify for the program here!

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