HPE Discover 2023 – Day 1

Jeff Maier
June 21, 2023
Big Network are showcasing their leading peer-to-peer, layer 2 overlay technology at HPE Discover 2023. As workloads continue to become more distributed, the network plays an increasingly important role.

Big Network Demonstrates the Future of Networking at HPE Discover, 2023 in Las Vegas

As the sun set on the first day of the iconic HPE Discover Conference in Las Vegas, we were left with a sense of exhilaration. With a tapestry of memorable moments unfurling, we’re thrilled to share a few that truly stood out. Are you lucky enough to be here in Vegas too? We'd love to invite you to come over to our cozy corner at Booth #246. We’re eager to meet you, engage in stimulating conversation, and share a bit more about what makes Big Network special!

In The Company of Giants: Keynote by Antonio Neri

The day kicked off with an inspiring keynote from Antonio Neri, the dynamic CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. His insightful talk about the 70% of workloads that still remain on-premise, due to latency, data sovereignty, or data locality requirements, underscored the abundant potential for growth within our industry.

It also shone a spotlight on Big Network's competitive edge in this burgeoning market as companies wrestle with ways to connect cloud, on-premise and edge services together. Mr. Neri's distinctions between hybrid cloud by design and unintentional hybrid cloud was a revelation, giving us an invaluable perspective on the evolution of cloud computing and how Big Network can address the niche pain points of our customers.

Hospitality Goes Digital: IHG Hotels and Resorts

We then delved into the hospitality sector's digital needs. As a realm that requires not just high-grade connectivity, but also a commitment to its guests' online needs, it was intriguing to understand how digital dependence has grown. As the presenter from IHG Hotels and Resorts pointed out, "some guests would prioritize Wi-Fi over running water during their stay at our hotels." This eye-opening insight underscores the importance of a robust service access in an industry where quality internet connection has become more of a necessity than a luxury. It also highlights how road-warriors and vacations need more than ever, reliable ways to connect back to key services, an area Big Network thrives in.

Big Network's Journey of Discovery

Beyond the enlightening presentations, we also had the pleasure of exploring a range of displays and models at the conference. They served as conversation starters and provided us with insights into the innovative strides being made across a myriad of industries. Here's a sneak peek at what caught our attention!

A stunning Moon Rover Model

A Cray supercomputer, a massive liquid-cooled compute rack that pushes the boundaries of what's possible

Stay tuned with us throughout this week as we bring you more highlights from HPE Discover. If you’re attending, don't forget to drop by Booth #246 - we can't wait to meet you!

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