HPE Discover 2023 – Day 2

Jeff Maier
June 22, 2023
We continued to explore HPE Discover 2023. Here are our highlights for Day 2 of the event.

The excitement didn't fade as we stepped into the second day of the HPE Discover Conference in Las Vegas. If Day 1 set the bar high, Day 2 was all set to vault over it. We absorbed insights from HPE's CTO Fidelma Russo, celebrated the launch of a new HPE program to uplift women and minority-owned startups, and immersed ourselves in the latest breakthroughs in cloud computing across a rich spectrum of industries.

“Only 30% of the world’s data has made its way to the cloud.”

Fidelma Russo, CTO at HPE

Energizing Startups: HPE’s Diversity Startup Program

he dawn of a new era for women and minority-owned startups is upon us. HPE just unveiled an empowering program designed to "provide equitable access to the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform," allowing these businesses to broaden their cloud solutions' reach and usability. With HPE's complimentary cloud service vouchers, these burgeoning startups can now deliver the same innovative and effective cloud solutions that we, at Big Network, swear by.

The democratization of cloud technology is here, and we at Big Network are buzzing with anticipation to see how this will empower smaller businesses to function more efficiently. Collaborating on this program is Alpha3, a HPE Partner Ready service provider, offering a suite of services and plans to cater to every customer's unique needs and budget. Like Big Network's flexible planning, HPE's program plans are designed to scale with a company and enable organizations to create tailored solutions to tackle their distinct challenges. This conference has reiterated that flexibility and customization are vital for success in modern cloud networking - two values that Big Network has championed since its inception.

Curious to learn more? Don't hesitate to dive into HPE’s post about the Diversity Startup Program.

Remember, if you're at the conference, we're at Booth #246 and we'd be thrilled to meet you. Join us as we navigate this exciting technological landscape together!

Unleashing the Power of Hybrid Cloud with HPE Aruba Networking

The hybrid cloud is making another, more innovative appearance in the cloud networking environment, and this time artificial intelligence is the star of the show. HPE GreenLake recently made new advancements in managing networks, data centers, security, and providing private 5G services. AI powers these innovations, and HPE GreenLake is extending its current Wi-Fi, wires, and WAN platform, which is already one of the best platforms there is.

The hybrid cloud is a combination of a bunch of different computing environments like private data centers and public cloud services, and the network ensures that users, applications, and services can effectively connect and communicate with each other regardless of where they are. With HPE’s new advancement, they can improve the scalability, performance, and efficiency of the hybrid cloud, showing just how rapidly these types of innovations are expanding and improving the cloud computing landscape.

Remotely connecting to the hybrid cloud is only getting easier and more efficient, and HPE just took a big step in the right direction. Read HPE's description of Hybrid Cloud and learn all you need to know about the technology.

Hear it from the People: An HPE Customer Panel

Learning about cloud computing and its capabilities is great, of course, but nothing quite compares to hearing how new solutions impact real people. Luckily for us, HPE held a customer panel to discuss HPE, their personal cloud environment configurations, and unique insights about their cloud computing experiences.

Both HPE GreenLake customers and cloud thought leaders joined the panel to share their thoughts. Speakers included Alexia Clements (VP, World Go-To-Market at HPE GreenLake), Pat Furr (AVP Infrastructure & Healthcare Technologies at Texas Children’s Hospital), David Linthicum (Chief Cloud Strategy Officer at Deloitte), Matt Messik (Chief Information Officer for the Dallas Cowboys), and Cody Townsend (IT Director at Experian Holdings, Inc.).

The panel discussed how they used unique configurations and personalized solutions to create a cloud environment that addressed their individual needs as efficiently and effectively as possible, which is a core value at Big Network. Like the strategies panel discussed, Big Network offers a platform that can be adjusted to suit particular needs and organizations, grow with an organization, and expand to any necessary location. As the most pressing strategy in the current cloud industry, we are onto something that opens up new doors and opportunities for a plethora of customers and use cases.

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